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A little present made some time ago. I like to call it "When  _youdontknowho keels canon".


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Best Book of 2005

Oh, so Stephen King got his list.




Yes, that's right. And any other list of top books of 2005 will fit just perfect in the same Bullshitness Category, since no book released this year can even try to compete with the geniality of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by CAINA.


I mean, serious. Buy it. If you don't, then you’re a puss.

My thoughts on Pettigrew

Because we friggin' love Dobby

Dobby is very neglected in the icon making world so I made some Dobby icons. Enjoy!




Don't forget to credit.

C'mon, I know you think Hermione's dress looks like a giant candy too. I know.


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I bring goodies. CANON GOODIES. Well, sort of.

1.Deadric Diggory   2.Viktor Broom
3.Fleur Veelacour   4.Harry Hotter
5.Dead Cedric    6.Dead Sirius

HBP spoilers aheadCollapse )
Salute, mates, and welcome to Accio Canon!

A nice place to mock over non-canonical shipping, weird and stupid theories, Mary Sues, canon-rape and everything else.

Yes, we support JKR.

Rules for a good relationship with us

Well, this is how it goes: you can mock the batshitcrazy theories with us, discuss, agree, disagree, add something new in our insights, and stuff like that. We ask you to use your extraordinary brain power for something positive, and by that we mean no trolling around, saying we should die the most painful deaths and cursing us and our beloved families 'til kingdom come.

It is really hard to piss us off, but you may try, if that's your thing.

With that said, we just wanna say welcome to AccioCanon, and hope that all you people are able to enjoy canon as much as we do, afterall canon is the reason this fandom exists.