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That's a canon; I assure you, mate.

What? You don't know what a canon is? Did you actually read the books? Well, we did, sweetpie. And we're pretty sure JKR did as well. Still, inevitable, our shiny grey world has been daily devasted by explosions of Harry and Hermione, Sirius and Remus, Ginny and Draco, Cedric and - what in God's name? - Voldemort shippers' wars.


1. What's wrong with fanfiction?

Nothing. There's nothing wrong with a good fanfic. Now, if you're refering to shipping - well, perhaps there is somenthing wrong about THAT.

2. What's wrong with shipping?

By no means we condemn any shippers, for the bizarrest their ships may be. We just think is kinda silly keep arguing about non-canonical pairing.

3. So you're like fascists or nazis or...

No, dear. We're just having fun. As matter of fact, we know YOU're having some fun with the H-Hr and Hr-R shippers war as well.